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1. Mystics avoid strict doctrines and principles. They value experience above all else.

2. Why am I here? Why are we all here? These are common questions that haunt a Mystics mind.

3. Mystics perceive a story behind everything that happens, even if they don’t know what that story is.


4. Mystics trust in their own intuition and value similar intuitive traits in others.

5. Mystics are uncomfortable with spiritual hierarchies.

6. Mystics have their own set of rules and trust in their own morality and intuition (rather than from an external authority).

7. To Mystics, rituals and traditions are meant to trigger internal insight and transformation, not to appease a higher power.

8. Mystics see their insights into the universe as a borrowed gift – bestowed upon them by something greater, but ultimately temporary. In other words, they always prepared to be wrong.

9. Mystics believe that love powers everything.

10. Mystics acknowledge that the universe is infinite and mysterious and far too complex for the human mind to fully comprehend.


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