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Traditionally mystics are the mavericks of spirituality and come from every walk of life, age, country and background. But they were deeply unconventional: daring to throw off the norms of conventional society and religion and bring their own flavour and personality to the universal quest we all are all embarked upon:  How to be human and be happy. Luckily for us their  particular experiences have been recorded and are still around today.

Mystics don’t look to others to tell them what to do; they are curious about other’s experience but ultimately they know that the ultimate guide is that which is the birthright of all human beings, inner truth.  Never was the need for clarity and security from within as acute as it is now as we are buffeted by conflicting versions of 'truth' from all around. The mystics knew that both a profound sense of clarity and security are enduring aspects of our inner selves if we know how to find our way there.


Mystics  are male, female, Christian, Muslim, from the 4th century and the 20th century but what they all have in common is the experience of discovering their inner guidance. Their stories help us work out how to do this ourselves: and it’s not as hard it sounds. Many of the ways the mystics through the ages have discovered are really very simple and practical and need no special circumstances, subscription to spiritual belief, or education to grasp and use. I use their methods with clients, family and myself everyday.

This website was first set up to develop a book I am still finishing called ‘All the Mystics and me.’ Part biography, part polemic it is drawn from many years of meditation, of being a mother of four, working as a research scientist and later, therapist, pursing many spiritual paths, discovering the free healing nature provides and somehow finally, finding deep joy in the homelands of my inner self. I'll get the book finished one day: right now it seems more important to respond to requests to put this wisdom out there to be used. Please find details of podcast and audio journeys below.

I hope that by sharing the wisdom of the mystics you too might discover the awesomeness of the universal wisdom uniquely packaged in you and share some of the freedom, humour and relief that this way of being can bring.

 I owe so much to the ever present wisdom to the mystics who companion me:  the Desert Fathers, Rumi, Julien of Norwich, Chung Fu and Carl Jung.  There are many more mystics ancient and alive but these few have been my particular companions. I am delighted to share with you what they have shared with me.

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