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Carl Jung

Carl Jung was a psychiatrist and mystic in early/mid 20th century. He saw the 'inner work' as the key to life. His worldview makes every aspect of the world and life feel interesing, and once something becomes interesting it stops being scary.

Julien of Norwich

Julien of Norwich was an 'unlettered woman' in her 30's who nearly died during the plague in the 14the century. Her teachings on the maternal nature of 'God' became the first published work by a women in english. You can meet her in episode one of my podcast series. 

Chung Fu 

'To love is an art. To love yourself the greatest work of all.’

Chung Fu or 'Old Chinese' originates in the Daoist master known as Lao Tzu, author of the I Ching, the ancient Chinese divination system and  philosopher. Those who are lucky enough to get to know Chung Fu find their lives transformed by his teachings on love and the how everything in life can be understood if we understand all of life to be energetic in nature.  

'All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.'


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Desert mothers and fathers 

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Albert Einstein

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