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What to do with the fear?

Updated: May 8, 2020

Sometimes I get scared. That my Mum will catch Covid 19 and die. That the dreams of my young adult sons have been taken from them. That nano-technology is being covertly implanted via compulsory vaccination....But fear shuts down our thinking brain and diverts nutrients and oxygen from the organs that produce our immune cells so finding a way out of fear feels like a really important skill to master right now.

This week I am going in search of mystical ways and wisdom that naturally and organically and simply dissolve fear. I shall be consulting the greats (in my book!) Carl Jung, Rumi and Chung Fu as well as experienced friends in the mystic way and discover their top tips. I'll share the results here and on my podcast.

I tried to draw the face of fear in my book of my shadow

#Covid19 #fear #tips

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