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  • Henri Lang

What's the truth?

I'm getting headaches from trying to work out what's 'true' about the coronavirus. IT'S SO CONFUSING! I used to be an epidemiologist (the people who study the causes and spread of disease) so I think I should be able to work this out. I spend hours looking at the data and just get lost. As Yoda said to Anekin in Star Wars, 'pay attention to the feeling.' So I did.

I've come to realise that the search for information is really a search for safety. All the uncertainty makes me feel unsafe. 'If only I knew what was really going on, I'd be able to relax' is the unspoken voice in my head. But it's like a itch that cannot be scratched because no-one knows, and I have to suffer the humility of not being clever enough to work it out.

I came to realise the itch for information was a compulsion; you know when you keep going for more of something that doesn't satisfy. So I decided I needed to find a way of being with all the uncertainty. I looked, as ever, for guidance from my friends the mystics, and Carl Jung had some beautiful words that have worked better than any wine or painkiller. For more please listen to episode 2 of the podcast 'All the Mystics and me' or for more about Jung and how he helps, please go to the page on this kind and gentle mystic on the website.

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